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Online Video Converter knows how to extract audio from YouTube videos in M4A and WEBM formats, and convert it to MP3 format if so desired by you. So feel free to go ahead and find some videos to convert to MP3, and we will do it for you very fast and easy. You'll only need to download files when they are ready and download starts automatically. To think of it, you don't need to do anything past the final Convert button click... Enjoy!

How to convert YouTube music videos to MP3?

Download YouTube as MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc

Online Video Converter helps convert YouTube to MP3 as well as M4A, WEBM, and sometimes there are other audio formats available. Nothing special, this is what we do every day. Your software may need an upgrade, while we keep this site up-to-date every day, so it's always upgraded and updated to the max.

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FAQ - Questions & Answers

How to convert YouTube video to MP3?

  1. Find song on YouTube and copy its link to clipboard (try Share menu).
  2. Visit onlinevideoconverter and insert link into the search box, submit form.
  3. Select MP3 from the menu, then convert YouTube video into a file you can play offline.

Are downloads limited in any way?

No. Unlimited downloads, unlimited speed, just no simultaneous downloads, please..

How YouTube to Mp3 on Android and iPhone?

Very easy, just use native app on Android and Windows devices, and the shortcut bookmarklet on Apple or general desktop and laptop devices. Very easy.

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Click above to install this light-weight and super fast web-app, works great on Android and Windows devices

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Drag and drop this shortcut for quick-access including URL, so no copy-paste step needed, very comfortable