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Convert & Download Online Videos

Online Video Converter (or OVC for short) is the old & traditional place. Here we like to think that all online videos are free for all, so we help all download them for free. We support nearly 1000 websites and social networks, videos from those can be downloaded and converted to MP3, MP4, MKV, etc. ALl we need is to know where video is located, that's why your part is bringing the URL address of the page to us. You can copy it from browser address bar; you can use social Share button on the video page to Copy Link from the menu; you can even use our Shortcut Bookmark below to automate the copy-paste step and have it handled by browser; most importantly - we need that URL and without it we won't work. Unless you're dealing with Youtube, which we can actually search videos right from here, type in something above in that menu and search videos..

How to master Online Video Converter (in 3 steps)?

Convert videos from 1000+ online sources

OVC is your best friend when it comes to downloading online videos from over a thousand different websites, apps and social networks. All we need is a URL address of the video. Or a link, as they sometimes say. Link is the address of the video that you can send to a friend and they can find it this way. Most big networks do that, to ensure cross-platform access, social sharing and indexability by search enbgines. And so usually all videos have Share menu, and there you can usually Copy Link or similar..

Otherwise we support a wide array of websites and social networks that sport their own hosted videos. Be that big depositories like Youtube, Coub, Vimeo, Daily, Rutube; or more of amateur networks like Lynda, TikTok, Aparat; or forums & social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Reddit, Imgur; and many many others. To know for sure - give us a link..

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FAQ - Questions & Answers

What is the best way to convert online videos?

  1. Find the video you need to download, copy its link to clipboard (try Share button menu).
  2. Visit onlinevideoconverter and insert link into the search box, hit Download button to scan.
  3. When there's download menu, select parameters you like and convert video.

What file formats are supported at this converter?

We have a lot of options to convert videos or extract audio. It can be MP4, FLV, MKV, WEBM, MP3, M4A formats and many others, it depends on the video platform.

How to convert online video on Android or iPhone?

It is very easy to use online video converter on Android or iPhone:
  1. Android: use the web-app suggested below
  2. iPhone: use bookmark, it's a shortcut you always needed
  3. Android & iPhone: access using web browser, it's quite easy

Where do I find video link?

Look for Share menu, usually it will have the Copy Link option or something similar sounding. If you're using web browser - then simply click on the address bar and copy to clipboard.

Where do I find my saved files?

That's more depending on your settings, but usually in the web browser you're using now find menu and in there click Downloads to see the list of files you've downloaded on this device.

Install OVC free webapp

Add to Home Screen

On Android and Windows appliances try click the button below to install our app. It's not necessary or in any way essential to have the app, you can always access this website, and that's exactly what the app does..

OVC with a bookmark

Convert to mp3

Same thing here, nothing special, just a bookmark that you can save (drag and drop works) to your browser's Bookmarks section, and later press when you find some video to download, it skips the copy-paste step for you.